Precision Ukulele Tuner - with Chords & Metronome App Reviews

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Great app

Really easy to use. I used another app where I had to try to tune based on matching the sound. It was way off since my ear isnt that good. This app made tuning fast and easy.

Anyone who needs to tune a ukulele needs this

I just started to fool around with a ukulele. Couldnt find my old guitar tuner so searched for an app. Tried a couple before this one. Save yourself some time. This is the app you want.

Fantastic app!!

I spent 12 dollars on an electric tuner and this app honestly did me so much better than that. Its totally worth it man just do it


This has helped tremendously thank you!!

Great app

It does what its meant to, but I cant seem to tune the first string.


this app is an absolute waste of money. do not buy it. ill be plucking the 4th string and the app will be recognizing it as the 3rd string, so i will press the button and it will say "tune up" no matter what i do. i will make the string tighter, looser. it just doesnt work. the 4th string thing was an example, it does it for all the strings. im a beginner and this is not helpful WHAT SO EVER. i want my money back!!

Get it!

Spend the $.99 and get it. Youll save hours trying to tune up without it.

Perfectly tuned in no time!

My uke was way out of tune, and I hate tuning it because it always takes too long. But this app got my uke tuned perfectly in 2 minutes!

Buy It!

My ukulele finally sounds great. Tried other apps and my ukulele sounded like my cat when shes hungry. Worth the money. Just buy it so you dont waste time searching through all the "really not free apps."

Awesome - dont listen to other reviews!

I was hesitant to get this app as a result of other reviews but despite their negative thoughts, the app works great! It was exactly what I was looking for!

Must buy

Changed strings for the first time this app was so helpful for tuning it

Amazing app!

Any and every ukulele player needs this app! Its phenomenal and tunes my uke perfectly every time!

Finally found a good app!

Ive been trying to find a good ukulele tuner for so long with out having to pay. This one is perfect!

An app for every ukulele player!!

Amazing app! Works perfectly!!


A definite must buy!


Ever since this app was updated, its been absolutely terrible. Im going to delete it and find something that actually works.


Paid for it, expecting it to work. Doesnt work. Very upset right now

Difficult to use, my uke still sounds bad

My uke sounds out of tune after I use the app. I also think the tuner itself is wobbly and hard to use.


Tried three tuning apps, this one is the best by far.

Works great

I spent forever trying to tune it by ear this app had it sounding great in a matter of minutes

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